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Lisa Shealey Yoga

Practice with Heart




I'm Lisa Shealey, a yoga teacher and teacher trainer. 

I love good coffee, quiet, the flicker of candle light, organization, the smell of library books,

the colors of autumn, my daughters' laughter, and my husband's hugs.

​I'm a middle child-left-handed-Virgo.

I own myself completely, in hopes that it allows others to feel safe to do the same.

I have been teaching yoga in the Greater Baltimore area for over ten years and am an E-RYT 500

and Certified Education Provider through the National Yoga Alliance. ​

I have nearly 600 hours of yoga teacher training and thousands of hours of teaching experience. 

I have managed and owned yoga studios and led several yoga teacher training programs.

But most importantly, I want you to know my character.

I believe that the best teacher is forever a student. 

I believe in authentic, aligned energy, and the full embodiment of my own teachings.

In short, I walk the talk. 


For my students, my hope is that they practice yoga as it was originally intended,

from the heart, the seat of the Self.

It is from this space that we can unite mind-body-spirit and awaken to our true nature. 


 In my classes we do not practice yoga to get better at doing yoga. 

We practice to get better at just being ourselves. 

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Lisa's classes are the perfect blend of challenging movement, breath work, and spirituality.
Her warmth and genuine concern for her students is such a gift. 

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Lisa Shealey Yoga

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